We are a privately funded

INDIAN Startup

Megha Ventures Private LTD was established to bring international industry and business to North East India. Our aim is to bring together everything our innovative business ventures need to reach market, including: funding, clients, partners, and workers.

What is MeghaBlue ventures?

Those in Meghalaya know that Megha means “clouds” in the Khasi local language. Since Megha Ventures is mostly cloud-based, or virtual, we find it to be perfect for explaining its business structure. Ventures signify our business type, which helps local entrepreneurs start and build businesses.

How We Work

Megha Ventures does not offer for-hire services, instead we are focused on bringing economic solutions to the North East of India. This means our internal team is always looking for new, unique business ideas that can help further the development of the North East. Such solutions creates local jobs and business while respecting the culture, natural beauty, and local environment.


Once potential solutions are identified, we work to build a team to implement it. This includes bringing together everything our innovative business ventures need to reach market, including: funding, clients, partners, and workers.


In addition to our internal work projects, we sometimes do consulting for-hire. This is generally for local entrepreneurs and small businesses, where we can provide these services: Startup Advisory & Coaching, Business Planning & Implementation, Funding Support, and Presentations.

OUr Ventures

Ventures MeghaBlue was started with a charter to investigate and pursue starting six core business in the North East India.


 [Current] Provides export services to EU and North American firms with a focus on bookkeeping, marketing, website design, programming, IT. We are currently working a few US Companies as their back-office solution provider.


[Current] Megha Source helps locals develop and refine their products for international appeal. It also assists potential importers to find desirable local products, and then to help them with local logistics for export.

Megha Adventures

[Future] Megha Adventures will focus on promoting and arranging tours from these areas. They will work with local providers, such as Megha Stay and Megha Ride, to provide and meet the expected travel experience of these foreign tourists.


[Future] The Northeast lacks good options for car, motorcycle, and scooty rentals. This business will focus on providing such vehicles mainly through travel agencies and B&B.


[Future] The abundant natural beauty of the Northeast greatly appeals to foreigners from Europe and North America.  Megha Stay will ensure that there are suitable and appealing accommodations that meet their expectations.


[Future] The Northeast has amazing beauty and natural resource that deserves to be preserved and protected.  Megha Build will work to identify and promote the use of locally sourced, renewable building materials.

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