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CREATING Opportunity

Some of Our PARTNERS

i4 Edge, Inc (USA)

i4 Edge, Inc is a Think Tank / Design consultancy with a particular focus on creating solutions to help in business development, operations, and new product design and development. Our current team has strong background in AEC Industry (Engineering and Design), Biotech, Retail Sales & After market products (Vehicles), IT (support and web development), and Project Management.

Edify (India)

Edify provides critical training IT and office training in their Meghalaya training centere. Their focus is on providing practical training in modern programming languages, cloud development, IT support and other adjacent skills such as grahics design. This training is vital to make the youth of Meghalaya employable and help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Task Division, Inc (USA)

Task Division makes it possible for businesses to easily and cost-effectively tap into freelance and remote workers to handle their back-office business activities.  Our goal is to provide good, quality, consistent, and dependable back-office services remotely.

Building the future

Megha Ventures Private LTD was established to bring international industry and business to North East India. Our aim is to bring together everything our innovative business ventures need to reach market, including: funding, clients, partners, and workers.

Some of Our Clients

MAKING Fearless Leaeders

 Megha Blue Ventures is not only seizing opportunities unque for the North East, but is looking to forge local fearless leaders. To do this is tapping into our partners and their decades of expereince.